Consultation & Instruction


Our team includes experts in forensic genealogy and biological anthropology. In addition to our genealogical analysis services, we can provide consultation on the use of forensic genealogy for either unidentified remains or unidentified perpetrator DNA.  We can help you through the laboratory process of obtaining what is needed for genealogical analysis from different sample types depending on what is available in your case.  Please contact us to inquire about how we can help your department begin to clear cases using the latest DNA technology.  Private case consultation for traditional genealogy/genetic genealogy for adoptees etc is available upon request.

We can additionally offer consultation and services related to the processing and analysis of human bone:

– bone vs. non-bone identification (i.e. is the material you’re looking at even bone?)
– human vs. non-human bone comparison
– histology (study of bone microstructure) – used to estimate age at death and to determine if bone is from a human
– basic biological profiles (age, sex, stature, ancestry estimation)
– pathology analysis
– dental anthropology analysis


We are available to present informational talks or hands-on educational workshops about forensic genealogy and related topics to law enforcement agencies, universities, or at academic and genealogical events.  Please email us with questions or to make arrangements. If you would like a class or training created for your organization, department, or university, instructional design services are also available.


Further resources:

If you are working with a law enforcement agency and you wish to learn how to use forensic genealogy to work your own cases, please visit Forensic Genealogy Training For Law Enforcement, an option provided by the DNA Doe Project. (external links)