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DNA & Genealogy

Forensic genealogy is the most exciting tool available for solving unresolved and cold cases.  It can lead to positive identification of a decedent or suspect when CODIS does not produce a match.  By creating an autosomal profile from DNA evidence or biological sample from an unidentified decedent, genetic genealogists can uncover the identity of unknown persons for law enforcement.  If you have a case to submit or would like a consultation, please email us.

Our team at Redgrave Research is also able to take non-law enforcement cases for genealogy. If you are an adoptee or have a case you would like to submit to us for traditional or genetic genealogical research, or if you have taken a DNA test and would like assistance with analyzing your results, please contact us using this form.

You can read more about our team members here.


New service pairs Othram’s proprietary Forensic-Grade Genome SequencingTM with genealogy to help solve previously unsolvable cases.
The Woodlands, Texas (October 2019) – Othram announced the formation of an in-house forensic genealogy research team, including Anthony Lukas Redgrave and Lee Bingham Redgrave, pioneers in the emerging field of forensic genetic genealogy. This team, along with data scientists and software developers, completes Othram’s full-service forensic DNA sequencing program enabling law enforcement agencies to work with a single vendor to extract, enrich, test, and analyze DNA not amenable to other approaches.

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