Dr. Amy Michael


Amy is a biological anthropologist who received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from Michigan State University (2016). Currently, she works at the University of New Hampshire where she teaches courses in forensic anthropology, human osteology, and general biological anthropology. Her personal research interests involve the investigation of human tooth and bone microstructure in an effort to answer questions about past and modern bodies. As a trained archaeologist, Amy has worked on field projects in the United States, Albania, and Belize. She has trained law enforcement and the FBI in search and recovery methods, including creating and executing workshops on clandestine burial identification and recovery. Amy currently works with an interdisciplinary team of scholars to refine age-at-death estimation methods in forensic cases, as well as the effects of opioid abuse on the accuracy of age-at-death estimations. Aside from a methods-based approach to forensic anthropology research, Amy is passionate about bringing a social justice perspective to her work on forensic cold cases. To date, Amy has worked on over 40 forensic cases with law enforcement around the country.


Amy can be reached via email.

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