Dallas County John Doe “Sandie” – Iowa 1987

Redgrave Research Forensic Services is collaborating with funeral director Lanae Strovers with permission from the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office to attempt to determine the identity of Dallas County John Doe, nicknamed “Sandie”, whose remains were cremated. Dr. Samantha Blatt of Idaho State University, an expert on bone histology and microscopy with special expertise in … Read more

Identified! Susan Lund b. 1967, formerly Ina Jane Doe 1993

March 11, 2022 Ina Jane Doe (1993) Identified Using Forensic Genetic Genealogy Susan Lund, missing since December 1992, identified by Redgrave Research Forensic Services and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office MARCH 11 2022 – The Jefferson County Illinois Sheriff’s Office and Redgrave Research Forensic Services have confirmed the identity of “Ina Jane Doe,” an unidentified woman … Read more

Baby Jane II – Jackson County, Mississippi 1988

New case announcement: Baby Jane II Press release text and photo via Jackson County Sheriff’s Department: 33 years after the autopsy was performed on a newborn baby girl found in the Pascagoula River, Jackson County Sheriff’s Investigators exhumed her body Wednesday, June 30. On June 28,1988, two men fishing in the Pascagoula River near the … Read more

Identified: Derek and David D’Alton, formerly “The Babes in the Woods” – Stanley Park, Vancouver 1953

Update 11/4/2022: Season 4 Ep 4 of Crime Beat TV features the Babes in the Woods case, an historic case from Canada which our team helped to resolve. The episode will be available for viewing at this link. Case Update February 15 2022 – Nearly 70 years ago, on January 15th, 1953, a Vancouver Parks … Read more

Preble County “Penny” Jane Doe, Eaton Ohio 1968

Redgrave Research Forensic Services has taken on the case of Preble County Jane Doe (NamUs #UP55702). Working with Detective Adam Turner of the Shelby Ohio Police Department, we are preparing to perform forensic genetic genealogy in an attempt to discover her identity. Detective Turner has nicknamed her “Preble County Penny”. Case Synopsis On May 25, … Read more

Tintype Mystery Skull

Why is there a skull in this family photo album? Redgrave Research Forensic Services unravels the mystery.

Thanks to librarians Kristin Parker Dhabolt and Nikki Hentz for bringing us this mystery, the Parker family, guest researcher Jen Morley, and the consulting anthropologists including Dr. Amy Michael, Amber Plemmons and Kelly Kamnikar.

Joseph Henry Loveless

Identified! January 31, 2019:

In 1979, the dismembered remains of a man were found in a cave in Idaho.  40 years later, he was identified using forensic genealogy.  The Redgraves led the genealogy team for this case at the DNA Doe Project.  This case was brought to the DNA Doe Project by Dr. Amy Michael and Dr. Samantha Blatt of Idaho State University.

Forensic art by Anthony Redgrave.

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