Today, the killer of 9 year old Christine Jessop was publicly identified during a press conference held by Toronto Police Department as Calvin Hoover, who died in 2015. The Redgraves are honored to have led the forensic genetic genealogical effort to present a candidate for identification to the Toronto Police. Our genealogy team worked tirelessly for several months to arrive at the potential candidate, whose name we then presented for confirmation to investigators. The Redgraves and their team would like to thank all of the many people who have pursued justice for Christine’s family over the decades. Our thoughts are with Christine’s family at this time, knowing that they are feeling a whirlwind of long-overdue emotions. Our thoughts are also with Guy Paul Morin, who was wrongfully convicted of this heinous crime and can hopefully find some peace in this moment.

This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

The genealogy team who assisted on this case consisted of the following:

  • Anthony Lukas Redgrave
  • Lee Bingham Redgrave
  • Olivia McCarter
  • Tanner Preston Sousley
  • Jessica Veltstra
  • Bryan Worters



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