2/9/2023: Perpetrator ID in the murders of Rachel Zendejas and Lisa Gondek – Ventura County CA 1981

11/4/2022: Season 4 Ep 4 of Crime Beat TV features the Babes in the Woods case, an historic case from Canada which our team helped to resolve. The episode will be available for viewing at this link.

10/11/2022: Anthony’s dissertation, Needs-Based Standards of Practice for the Use of Forensic Genetic Genealogy in Investigations of Violence Toward Marginalized Victims, was successfully defended and approved today. Anthony is now officially Dr. Redgrave, Ed.D!

3/24/2022: Update: Article published in Forensic Sciences Research
Identification of a decedent in a 103-year-old homicide case using forensic anthropology and genetic genealogy
Amy R. Michael, Samantha H. Blatt, Mariyam Isa, Anthony Redgrave &Douglas H. Ubelaker

3/11/2022: Identified! Susan Lund b. 1967, formerly Ina Jane Doe 1993

2/15/2022: Babes in the Woods identified as Derek and David D’Alton

1/31/2022: Case update: Babes in the Woods sequencing successful

1/18/2022: Case Announcement: Ina Jane Doe, Illinois 1993