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Forensic Art


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Forensic art is available for unidentified skeletal remains, post-mortem photos, composites, age progressions, and historic specimens.  Our artist will consult with our forensic anthropologist to create the best possible results for each case using digital techniques.  For inquiries, please email
Recently featured in headline news: Composite image of Joseph Henry Loveless/”Clark County John Doe”
 Click image above to read more about this composite image as well as the case 
Examples of Forensic Art by Anthony Redgrave
 Facial depiction of 1860's tintype informed by anthropological analysis and historic research
 Tintype photo C. 1860s from family photo album, determined to be in the collection of Harvard Medical School at the time
 Southeast Missouri State University's John Doe, now known to be "Harry" - facial depiction from burned remains
 Finley Creek Jane Doe, facial depiction from skull
 Studying skeletal remains for approximation at the University of New Hampshire
 Approximation-to-skull overlay
 Facial approximation of skeletal remains from a Crusader-era burial site in Israel (Caesarea Maritima. Muslim burial, adult female who was buried with earrings (staining from the metal remained on the sides of the skull). 
 Anthony Redgrave's approximation was included in 'Caesarea Maritima: Facial Approximation' by Lilia Vinskus, in collaboration with Madeline Vinskus (presentation at University of New Hampshire 2019)
 Illustration of Clark County John Doe created for use by the DNA Doe Project. This approximation was based on clothing found with the remains. The decedent's skull was not recovered, so emphasis was placed on the clothing and location of discovery.
 Joseph Henry Loveless, formerly "Clark County John Doe", composite based on family photos and wanted poster description
 Zaza Ink Medical Specimen Skeleton, overlay
 Zaza Ink Medical Specimen Skeleton
 #UP6246 skull overlay
 2019 forensic image by Anthony Redgrave