L: Rachel Zendejas; R: Lisa Gondek

Redgrave Research Forensic Services is honored to have assisted Ventura County law enforcement officials in the identification of Tony Garcia as a suspect linked to DNA evidence from the 1981 murders of Rachel Zendejas and Lisa Gondek. The arrest was made on February 7th, following the use of forensic genetic genealogy (FGG/IGG). The families and friends of Rachel and Lisa are in our thoughts as they receive this news and officials pursue justice.

Ventura’s investigators were some of the first students of our Forensic Genealogy For Law Enforcement training program (FG4LE), and we would like to commend them on their amazing determination to resolve this heartbreaking case.  Along with the RRFS genealogy team, Ventura’s investigating forensic genetic genealogists worked in tandem tirelessly for several years to research what was an incredibly difficult genealogical puzzle.  We are impressed with the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, from the initial investigations in 1981 to the detectives, genealogists, and officials who saw it through to completion.

The VCSO requests that if anyone has any further information about Mr. Garcia including any further crimes he may have committed, please call (805) 383-8704 or email coldcase@ventura.org

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Redgrave Research/FG4LE team members who assisted on this case:

  • Anthony Redgrave
  • Lee Bingham Redgrave
  • Brooke Allen
  • Tam Dixon
  • Samantha Dunne
  • Elizabeth Marshall
  • Andrea McCarthy
  • Nate Mears
  • Jenna Robertson
  • Viktor Veltstra

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