3/24/2022: Update: Article published in Forensic Sciences Research
Identification of a decedent in a 103-year-old homicide case using forensic anthropology and genetic genealogy
Amy R. Michael, Samantha H. Blatt, Mariyam Isa, Anthony Redgrave &Douglas H. Ubelaker


Identified! January 31, 2019:

In 1979, the dismembered remains of a man were found in a cave in Idaho.  40 years later, he was identified using forensic genealogy.  The Redgraves led the genealogy team for this case at the DNA Doe Project.  This case was brought to the DNA Doe Project by Dr. Amy Michael and Dr. Samantha Blatt of Idaho State University.

Forensic art by Anthony Redgrave.

Read more below and watch the press conference about this amazing case.

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Read more about Henry Loveless

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    Joseph Henry Loveless, formerly “Clark County John Doe”, composite based on family photos and wanted poster description

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    Wanted poster for “Walt Cairns,” AKA Loveless

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    International news media coverage

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